[Media Report-ET news] Big Sun Systems, KT Engineering Cooperation in …

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24-04-15 17:39


Big Sun Systems signed a mutual cooperation agreement with KT Engineering to expand its business in the wireless network sector.

With this agreement, the two companies will expand Cambium Networks wireless network product (Zirus) service limited to some regions including Gangwon Province nationwide. The two companies will also make strategic cooperation to develop new business models such as long-distance wireless transmission products and PTP and PMP.

Big Sun Systems is a distributor that provides indoor and outdoor APs and wireless backbone, switches, and integrated wireless management systems in partnership with Cambium Networks, a wireless solution provider.

The Cambium Networks solution has a distributed structure with individual controllers built into the AP. Even if the central controller goes down, paralysis of the entire system can be avoided, and network operation costs can be reduced by simplifying installation.

It is attracting attention as a technology that can replace wired construction in areas where cable construction is difficult through wireless Ethernet PTP and PMP, which transmit data wirelessly without a separate optical cable connection.

Kwon Tae-il, CEO of Big Sun Systems, said, "We will continue to work with KT Engineering to discover business opportunities for the national social safety net system."

Reporter Park Junho: