Our Company

To Connect the Happiness of the World

Bigsun Systems Co., Ltd. is the only Korean distributor of Cambium Networks (formerly Xirrus), providing a Simple and Smart connection system for people-places-things. It is the best Wi-Fi solution company.

Bigsun Systems Co., Ltd. is conducting business with local governments and public institutions nationwide, universities and offices of education nationwide along with procurement registration of all Wi-Fi products. Bigsun's excellent Wi-Fi products and technologies are provided in the exhibition hall such as COEX and KINTEX. In addition, at the ASEAN Special Summit and the 1st and 3rd Inter-Korean Summits, 3,500 domestic and foreign reporters stably supported Wi-Fi service, and by establishing Wi-Fi at Vientiane International Airport and tourist destinations in Laos in 2019,the best Wi-Fi solution in and outside Korea. Service.

As such, Bigsun Systems Co., Ltd. has grown remarkably in the fields of public/education/finance/defense/transportation/events, and will continue to establish itself as the No. 1 company in service quality and customer satisfaction based on the best products and technology.

Core Value

To Connect the Happiness of the World

Vision to 2025

Worldwide Wireless LAN Specialized Corportaion