[Reference Case] Official technical support for 2024 Gangwon Winter Yo…

페이지 정보

24-03-14 17:16


 The "2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games," the world's first sports festival for promising youth in Asia, opened on January 19.

 The competition, in which 1,800 athletes from 79 countries participate in friendship and harmony, had become a venue for showcasing Korea's cultural heritage to the world under the slogan "We Shine When Together."

In particular, the AP of the Cambium Network was installed at the Samsung Electronics' Galaxy PR center and [Gangneung Sky Bay Hotel], an official hotel where IOC members stay, and Big Sun Systems employees had stayed at the site for about a month to support the event.

Many people lined up to see the recently released S24 and tested AI real-time calls, Zoom, and games,etc. and the event was successful with the excellent support technology of Big Sun Systems and the AP equipment of the Cambium Network.



In addition, the [Gangneung Sky Bay Hotel] where IOC members stayed during the event was also selected as an official hotel for the events such as IOC press conferences  and Bigsun system supported them to complete it successfully. 

Big Sun Systems' wireless technical support has been proven as its technology in various and large event, and the number reference cases will be increasing, and its steps further will continue in the future.