[Media Report_ZDNet] "Wi-Fi Operating in Desert"

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24-03-05 11:26


Sole Distributor of Cambium Networks  in Korea... "Decentralization and Cost-Efficiency"



"Big Sun Systems has built Wi-Fi in various environments including subways, trains in Korea. Now, it enables fast and cost-effective Internet connectivity even in deserts. As the sole distributor of Cambium Networks in Korea, we will create a seamless and stable Internet environment for the domestic industry."


Tae-il Kwon, CEO of Big Sun Systems, explained the strength of the Cambium Networks solution at "2024 Big Sun Systems Part-the-Day" held at El Tower in Yangjae-dong, Seoul on the 27th.

Cambium Networks is an American networking company that provides the infrastructure needed for Wi-Fi connection. Big Sun Systems is the sole distributor of Cambium Networks in Korea. Big Sun Systems aimed to introduce the strengths of Cambium Networks' solutions. The event will be held for the first time in four years after COVID-19.


Tae-il Kwon, CEO of Big Sun Systems, introduced the cambium platform 'One Network'

CEO Kwon Tae-il introduced the Cambium platform One Network. It is a platform that enables integrated network management functions to be managed on one platform. One network consists of ▲cnmaestro X ▲indoor Wi-Fi ▲outdoor Wi-Fi ▲wireless Ethernet ▲wireless backbone ▲network service edge. Through MSP control, users can manage Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and broadband Internet over the cloud.

He also cited the strength of Cambium Networks' solutions as a decentralized structure. "In general, wireless networking solutions are centralized," Kwon said. "If the central controller inside the access point goes down, all network services are paralyzed."

53cf3da0ec373b126b14734ec9c4659d-watermark.jpgCEO Tae-il Kwon cited the strength of Cambium Networks' solutions as a decentralized structure.

"We usually build dual controllers to prevent this," he said. "It is a structure that requires additional costs." On the other hand, the Cambium solution is decentralized and does not need to be duplicated. "The AP has individual built-in controllers," he said. "Broken central controller does not cause overall system paralysis."

c63260654a19cc99bd12728882a70c9a-watermark.jpgCambium Networks' range displayed at the venue

CEO Tae-il Kwon cited the reduction of network operating costs as another strength of the solution. "The solution requires fewer access points, switch ports, cable connections, and power consumption than before," he said. "It can reduce the total cost of ownership." He also added that there is less frequency interference between APs and the scope of telecommunication cable construction can be reduced.