2024 Bigsun Systems Partner Day Event

페이지 정보

24-03-04 11:40


On February 27 (Tue), the "2024 Big Sun Systems Partner Day" event hosted by Big Sun Systems and sponsored by Cambium Networks was held.


About 100 partners participated in the event hall and shone while partners were busy.


It introduced useful information and new trends in the Cambium products covered by Big Sun Systems, including Wi-Fi 7, wireless Ethernet solutions, procurement and product introduction, and deployment cases, and became an opportunity for partners to ask various questions.


In particular, Nantha Kumar Manoharan, Asia Sales Director at Cambium Netwoks, participated in the event in person and communicated with Korean partners to create business.


We would like to deeply thank all our partners for their valuable time to come to the event, and Big Sun Systems Co., Ltd. will continue to do its best until the day wireless communication reaches all over Korea as a leader in wireless networks.